Coffee Can Actually Make You Drunk! Here’s How Many Cups It Takes

A very funny thing happens to me when I drink coffee. If I don’t drink one cup when I wake up, I’m a zombie like most people I know. But if I have more than two (and sometimes just one and a half) I feel wired, giddy, silly, and hyperactive.

It’s a lot like being drunk, right down to the crash once it wears off and the feelings of shame and embarrassment at my coffee-fuelled antics.

I thought maybe I was just ultra-sensitive to the effects of coffee. Nothing too crazy about that. I mean, coffee didn’t make my breasts smaller, but I’m definitely sensitive to it. I know a few other people who are also sensitive to the effects of their morning coffee.

But, as it turns out, drinking too much coffee may give the same effects as being drunk.

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