This year’s Cranleigh Schools’ Photography Exhibition asked students to take photographs on the theme of ‘Culture’.

Ex Robur Cultur, From Culture comes Strength,  the Cranleigh motto, was the inspiration and our young people, across all five Cranleigh Schools, have answered with some exciting images.

On show is a selection of 37 photographs taken from a total entry of 154. The photographs ask us to think about what culture is. Is it a playful cat? Can nature, as seen in a beautiful sunset, represent our culture? Or is it in how we relate to one another, the friendships we make, the activities we see around us, the man made spaces that we move through, the objects we consume, or the games we play?

Enjoy these entries via the gallery below and see what best answers the question: “What is culture?” for yourself. The exhibition is also on show , in physical form, in the Woodyer Art Studios until early next term, including this year’s Speech Day.

James Nairne, Director of Art


Those showing work are:

Cranleigh School UK:Ava S., Lucy F., Katie A., Isabella P., Lily B., Nimo K., Molly B.S.

Cranleigh Prep School: Gabby, Johnny, Aeden, Martha, Eden.

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi: Shamsa A.M., Shahad A.K., Carmen N., Aimee M., Scarlett G.

Wuhan Cogdel Cranleigh High School: Jianing A., Shuyu O., Yushan Z., Yiting L.S., Guanyu C.

Cogdel Cranleigh School Changsha: Cici C., Vanessa H., Ralph T., Gianna X., Harriet H., Sylvia C., Joanna W., Regina L.

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