Titan sub: Investigators board Polar Prince as it returns to harbour

Investigators in Canada have boarded the support ship used to launch the Titan submersible in their bid to understand what caused the vessel’s catastrophic implosion. Flags on board the Polar Prince were at half-mast as it docked in St John’s, Newfoundland, on Saturday. Another boat was seen in the harbour towing the Titan’s launch platform. … Read more

ROSS’ SUB ESCAPE TV star Ross Kemp pulled out of trip on doomed Titanic submarine over safety fears

DAREDEVIL documentary maker and ex-EastEnder Ross Kemp nearly made a TV show where he dived down to the Titanic on an OceanGate submersible. But the expert production company behind it quickly decided it was unsafe for anybody to go on the vessel after doing its own checks. 7 Daredevil documentary maker Ross Kemp nearly made a TV … Read more

Why a downtown Ottawa Senators arena could be a ‘game changer’ for the capital

Much of the circus has died down around the Ottawa Senators after a courting process that saw Canadian business moguls, Hollywood icons and rap royalty vie for a chance to own an NHL team in the nation’s capital. But with Toronto-based billionaire Michael Andlauer’s group close to locking down the deal to take over the Sens, conversations lately have turned … Read more

Tribute paid to Titan five killed in ‘catastrophic implosion’ on ocean floor

Tributes from grief-stricken relatives and friends have been pouring in after a “catastrophic implosion” killed all five passengers on board a Titanic-bound submersible at the bottom of the ocean. A dayslong international search effort concluded Thursday after debris from the submersible – known as the Titan – was found around 1,600 feet from the historic wreckage of the Titanic. … Read more

Titan sub implosion as quick as ‘turning on the light switch.’ What happened?

Investigators are turning their attention to finding out how a submersible carrying five people to the Titanic wreckage suddenly imploded. All hopes for a positive outcome vanished Thursday when the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed it found debris belonging to OceanGate Expedition’s Titan near the famous ocean liner at the bottom of the North Atlantic. The submersible’s disappearance Sunday … Read more