When You Can’t Believe What You’re Seeing


Nobody is quite sure where the term “kayfabe” originated. It may be a bastardized form of pig Latin, something to do with the actual word “fake.” It may have its roots in the culture of wandering 19th-century carnivals, the world inhabited by P.T. Barnum and the confidence men and the salesmen who sold actual snake … Read more

Where the money flows: How data on climate spending is informing better decision-making in Chile


By Paloma Toranzos, Head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Programme and Fernando Córdova, Public Climate Expenditure Project Manager, PNUD Chile Across Chile’s mountains, valleys and coasts, the fingerprints of climate change are becoming more and more evident. Rainfall is becoming more unpredictable. Extreme weather is on the rise. According to the Centre for Research on … Read more